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Women’s Right for Work

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and about the women’s right for work, rose mary said :


''islam honored women by giving them their rights as human beings and as women.


many are those who believe that women in the west had been given their rights but this is not true.

in fact, the western women can not practice their total humanity and rights as muslim women because they had to work outside to earn their living. but the muslim women still have the choice because men are in charge to work and earn money for his family. so when allah the almighty gave men this responsibility, it was for the purpose of providing a better life for his family.


thus, women in islam have a greater role in life in giving birth to children and upbringing them to become good members of the society. in spite of all of what have been said, islam gave women the opportunity to work if they want to and if their conditions force them to work outside.''


this, besides their right in public work; about this idea makloski [1] said :''

the activities of the muslim women can be enlarged sometimes outside the house. some women had general responsibilities in war or commerce but all were applying the islamic morals and teachings….


 [1] makloski : a german consul in bangladesh, she converted to  islam in 1976.

she changed her name to mona abdullah makloski.

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