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The Political Role of Women

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as recognition of the important function that carries on the women in the development of the islamic society, the prophet (pbuh) accepted women when they swore allegiance.  the allegiance of the women was a famous event held on (ramadan 8 hejir/ 630 ac ) on the mountain '' as safa'' after he (pbuh) had finished with the allegiance of men.

this was revealed in the holy quran as the following:


allah the almighty said :''o you prophet, when female believers come to you, swearing allegiance to you that they will not associate with allah anything, and will not steal, nor commit adultery, nor kill their children, nor come up with (i.e., bring) all-evident calumny they fabricate between their hands and their legs, nor disobey you in anything beneficent, then accept their allegiance and ask the forgiveness of allah for them. surely allah is ever-forgiving, ever-merciful."  (al-mumtahina : 12)


the contribution of the women, because of the equality between them and men, is in all the functions that a muslim should fulfill. thus, the ruler or the governor had to take their promise to work in building the islamic world using all possible legal tools as he did with men without any differences between the two genders.


that's why each muslim man or woman had to learn about his religion and his life.

so as men, the women had to be educated and to be aware about the enemies of islam and their methods in order to keep their promise and their allegiance.

it's obvious they can't do any of that unless they know their religion very well and the external danger around them.


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