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The Respect given to Women

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the prophet (pbuh) respected the protection of the women to some enemies escaped from the war.

he (pbuh) was the first to accept that from the women in all the whole arabian peninsula.


the example of ''um'm hani'', the daughter of ''abi taleb'', is clear and illustrative. when one of the criminal sought of her neighborly (protection) after the big victory of conquoring makkah, she accepted to protect him. the prophet (pbuh) not only agreed with her but also forgave him.


in fact, ''um'm hani'' went to the prophet (pbuh) and told him: ''o allah's apostle! my brother has told me that he will kill a person whom i gave shelter.' the prophet said, 'we shelter the person whom you have sheltered'', narrated by albukhari (sahih bukhari 469/1) and muslim (sahih muslim 45/4).


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