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Contemplations about these Attributes

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if you look to what attributes the prophet (pbuh) gave to the women you will see the privilege given to them in islam. and also you will discover how they have got all their human and social rights exactly as what was given to men. you should also keep in mind that this was never the case in any civilization before islam.


now, it's really important that you distinguish between that fantastic human equality established by islamic laws and physical appearances made by the nudity addicts of nowadays which is no more than a pure animal desire as the way men use the women as a tool for their entertainment and their comfort without caring about anything else. [1]


the prophet (pbuh) did not consider women as contagious germs as they were considered by others, but he bought in the fact that the women have same rights as men.

they have also duties adapted to their physics and nature (upright framed by allah the almighty). men, because of their manly nature and strength physic, have to protect women and to spend money they earned in order to provide women with what they need.

this was revealed in the holy quran as the following:

''and they (the women) have (rights) like (the obligations) they are under with beneficence; and men have a degree above them'' (al baqara: 228)


in addition to that, the freeing of the women by the prophet (pbuh) was a real and total liberation because he (pbuh) was the most significant factor in the abundance of killing little baby girls.

arabs used to do that before islam: they saw it as a dishonor to have a girl as a baby. this bad habit dominated the whole polytheist’s society but none before the prophet (pbuh) dared to change this habit; it even became worse and spread in the arabian peninsula.


besides, women used to be sold; and treated just as something physical. when allah the almighty sent muhammad (pbuh) with the message of islam, he gave back the women their rights that were taken from them, gave them freedom, the right to sell and buy not to be sold. moreover, he (pbuh), with the islamic laws, gave them the right to inherit as men do and once again not be inherited.


the whole world had not admitted nor accepted to give the women such civil rights mainly in monetary affairs until the prophet (pbuh) came and made this right real and a lawful for them.

thus, women are free to make any important business, contracts with anyone and name as trustee whoever they want.



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