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Provisions for Sutra

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46562 2007/11/30 2024/07/14

1-Sutra is anything put in front of the one who prays such as wall, stick, column …etc irrespective of the width of the sutra.


2-The height of the sutra is 30 cm approximately.


3-The distance between the legs and the sutra is three ells approximately i.e. a distance sufficient for making prostration.


4-The sutra is to be used by imam and individuals (whether in the obligatory or supererogatory prayers).


5- The sutra of the imam is enough for all persons praying behind him; therefore, it is allowed to pass in front of the praying persons when necessary.



the benefits of applying this sunnah:


a)   it prevents from interrupting prayer by the passers-by.


b)   it helps avoiding looking here and there because when the muslim uses the sutra, he will only look on his space and will think more in the meaning of the prayer.


c)   it helps others in passing by without any need to walk in front of the one who prays.

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