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Essential Prayers Sunnah

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65328 2007/11/30 2024/07/25

1-Raising both hands with the first takbeera.

2-Raising both hands before bowing for ruku'.

3-Raising both hands after standing from ruku',

4- and after standing for the third rak'a in the prayers that have four rak'as.

5-Sticking fingers together flat in all the  mentioned sunnahs.

6-Fingers should be facing the qiblah (prayer direction; that is facing the ka'ba).

7- Raising the hands to the shoulder height or by the ears.

8- While reciting place the right hand over the left or holding the left arm with the right hand.

9- Looking towards the sujoud (prostration) place.

10-Make a space between the foot ( nearly as shoulder width).

11-Concentrating on the meaning of the words while recitation.

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