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With Himself

Auther : Sheikh Faraj Hadi
Under category : The Prophet’s Personality
66997 2007/11/05 2024/06/17


the prophet was a great man; he built up this greatness through his confidence and steadiness on his principles. he was of good manners and fair deeds with all people; enemies and friends. in addition to that, modesty and flexibility were of his great qualities away from complexity and arrogance.


- he was frank with himself and satisfied with his principles. he had specific targets and a clear vision.

-he held on his principles till he conveyed his divine message spreading all his noble principles which are not known by those who hate and vilify him.


- he owned all the good qualities of a person gained by innate and all the characteristics of human perfection wished by the wise.


- handsome features are mixed with noble manners and wise mentality to form a teacher who awakened the world like the sun enlightening darkness. he gave live to all human beings after being buried for ages and ages under ignorance and selfishness.

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