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With his Family

Auther : Sheikh Faraj Hadi
Under category : The Prophet’s Personality
46367 2007/11/05 2024/04/22

the observer of the private life of muhammad the messenger, will admire the man who came from a harsh desert environment prevailed by ignorance and anarchism, and wonder "how could he reach the highest levels of incomparable family success?"


muhammad (pbuh) was an inexhaustible stream of love, warmth, tenderness, sensitivity and emotions.


he was the perfect lover to his family and wives. he was playing and joking with them. he was giving them love and tenderness; for example, he was expressing gently his love to his wife aisha by intending to drink from the same cup she drank from putting his lips on the place from which she drank sending a secret message warming up her heart and feelings. this was just one example from many in his life.


he even represented the loyal lover in a happy family. he did not forget his dead wife khadeeja, but he kept remembering her favors by having  good relations with her relatives. he was very angry when khadeeja was disparged in his presence. abu najeeh narrated in the story of hala –khadiga’s sister- when hala asked for permission to meet the messenger, aisha said" allah gave you the young wife instead of the old one-she means khadiga-”. so the messenger became very angry till she said" i swear i wont mention her after now except in a good way".


in spite of muhammad’s heavy burdens as being the chief of the islamic state, the commander of the army and the moral and intellectual guidance to his followers, he did not forget his duties towards his family by helping them in the housework, showing that woman has a great value in islam.

al aswad reported that he asked aisha (the prophet’s wife) about what the messenger had been doing in his house. she replied that he was serving his family and when the time came to pray he left to prayer.(narrated by al bukhari)

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