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Muhammad the Messenger; the Tender Hearted Companion

Auther : Sheikh Faraj Hadi
Under category : The Prophet’s Personality
31704 2007/11/08 2024/07/19

what will be your reaction towards someone declaiming against something you really love?


what if you were a religious man and someone came and desecrated the place of your worship rudely?


no doubt that you will rage and rush to exact punishment on him. muhammad (pbuh) did not do so, for he did not believe in hasty reactions, he had complete control over his reactions by judging wisely before doing any action. the following story proves that he used to treat every incident with wide and far sighted intellect:


a bedouin came from the desert who had no contact with the new city (madinah) that muhammad (pbuh) had erected among his companions in the new capital. this bedouin acted in a very strange manner to the people of the civilized madinah.

what was this action you think?

indeed it was one of the strangest things a man can do, to urinate in a well respected and public place in front of everyone. that is what this man had done; he urinated in the mosque in front of muhammad & his companions in the most sacred place to them. it was a horrible scene, the companions could not control themselves and they yelled at him to stop what he was doing. even though such incident took only seconds, muhammad's (pbuh) reactions did not precede his brain.  during this split second he had analyzed the bedouin character, which did such wrong act in the place of his worship and where he runs his state. his brain (pbuh) had showed him that this bedouin is illiterate and his action holds no hostile intentions. it is a mere act of backwardness from the culture of cleanliness and decency that muhammad (pbuh) had built in his capital. he ordered his companions to leave the bedouin without scolding him. after the bedouin had finished, muhammad (pbuh) came up to him and informed him that he can not do such thing in this place. the bedouin was so happy from muhammad's (pbuh) way of teaching him and was taken by his manners and said "o allah have mercy on me and muhammad and no one else".


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