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Muhammad the Messenger, the Man of Right and Justice

Auther : Sheikh Faraj Hadi
Under category : The Prophet’s Personality
33803 2007/11/05 2024/06/14

he loved right and justice and ruled according to this. he did not fear to be blamed because of applying justice. he did not flatter any one for his rank, money or his pedigree, in the contrary, he supported the weak and stand against the strong in giving them their rights back.


he was so fair and stick to the right to the extend that he did not flatter even the dearest people to him. it happened that an eminent woman from the family of mekhzoum- (a great family in makkah at that time )- stole, so she deserved a punishment for her crime. her family went to one of the prophet’s followers - he was the dearest to him- to ask the prophet for forgiveness. when muhammad (pbuh) listened to the request of his dearest friend to forgive this woman, he became very angry because of breaking and infracting the holiness of justice after he had become a muslim.


 aisha said that quraish was very concerned about the woman of the family of makhzoum who had stolen so they thought that no one dare to speak with the messenger in this case except osama bin zeid, the dearest to the messenger. osama talked to the messenger, who had replied: “do you mediate in one of allah’s laws? then he stood and gave a speech telling the people that the nations living before them were destroyed because they didn’t punish the eminent but did only punish the weak when committing any crime. and he swore if his daughter fatima stole, he would punish her.


 muhammad  the messenger, the man of noble manners


the most remarkable thing in muhammad is his gentle and exalted manners with all people; his friends and his enemies. this is witnessed by all the just men.


he was a man of good reception, the smile never left his face, his words were sweet, he acted in a mannered way even towards those offending him, and ignored interfering in trivial things.


he taught his followers that the best of people is the best mannered.


he also taught his followers that the closest one to him in paradise is the one who has the best manners.


the good manners of muhammad the messenger were not towards his followers only but also towards his enemies; when the prophet were asked to curse upon his enemies he refused, saying:” i’m not sent by allah to curse but i’m the mercy sent to the whole world”.(narrated by muslim)


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