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The Prophet (saas)'s manner of walking

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abu huraira (ra) reports:

"i did not see anyone more handsome than rasulullah (saas). it was as if the brightness of the sun had shone from his blessed face. i did not see anyone walk faster than him, as is the earth folded for him. a few moments ago he would be here, and then there. we found it difficult to keep pace when we walked with him and he walked at his normal pace."111

one of ali (ra)'s grandchildren, ibrahim bin muhammad (ra), says that the prophet (saas) had an easy manner of walking:

when 'ali (ra) described rasulullah (saas), he used to say: 'when he walked, because of the speed and force of the legs, it seemed as if he was descending from a high place'."112

hassan (ra) describes how:

"when he walked, he lifted his legs with vigour, leaned, slightly forward and placed his feet softly on the ground. he walked at a quick pace and took a rather long step. he did not take small steps. when he walked it seemed as if he was descending to a lower place. when he looked at something, he turned his whole body towards it. he always looked down. his blessed glance was focused more to the ground than towards the sky. his noble habit was to look at something with a slight glance. he made salaam (greeted) first to whomsoever he met."113


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