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The Prophet (saas)'s way of speaking

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the prophet (saas) was a man known for his effective, wise and concise manner of speaking. his messages had a great effect on people, and everyone took great pleasure in talking with him. a number of accounts that have come down from his companions also confirm that fact. these are some of them:

"the prophet (saas) was the greatest of the arabs in oratory and beauty of speech. he said: 'i am the greatest orator among the arabs'."116

aisha (ra) describes the prophet (saas)'s way of speaking thus:

"the speech of rasulullah (saas) was not quick and continuous as that of yours. he spoke clearly, word by word."117

"they said: 'the messenger of allah used to talk little and every thing was expressed in this brief talk. in his speech, there was no defect of excess or brevity. the words came one after another like pearls. whoever heard them remembered them. he was the sweetest in talk among his companions. he used to keep silent for long and not talk without necessity. he used not to talk evil words and what he talked was just."118

"he did not use ornamental words…."119

"… his companions did never dispute before him."120

"he used to smile much before his companions…"121

aisha (ra) again says:

"he spoke in such a way that the words were spaced out so that those who sat with him remembered them."122

abdullah bin haarith (ra) reports that:

"i have not seen anyone who makes a person more cheerful than rasulullah (saas)."123

anas bin malik (ra) tells us the following:

"rasulullah (saas) used to mingle with us and joke."124

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