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Some of the Prophet (saas)'s finer traits

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imam ghazzali, known as "hujjatul islam," collected and set out some of the prophet (saas)'s traits as related by such great islamic scholars as tirmidhi, tabarani, muslim, imam ahmad, abu dawood and ibn maja:

the  prophet (saas) was the most patient among men, the bravest, the best judge, and he who pardoned most. ... he was the most charitable man. he did not pass a single night hoarding a single dirham or dinar. whenever any excess money came to him and if he did not then get anyone to accept it as charity, he did not return home till he gave it to the poor and the needy. he did not store up for more than a year the provision of his family members which allah was pleased to give him. he used to take one fifth of what easily came to him out of dates and wheat. what remained in excess, he used to give in charity. he used to give away in charity to him who begged of him of anything, even out of his stored up provision.

he did not take any revenge for personal wrongs but he used take it for preservation of the honor of allah.

he used to speak the truth even though it was sometimes a cause of trouble to himself and his companions.

he was the most modest, without pride, and his tongue was most eloquent without prolongation of speech. his constitution was the most beatiful. no worldly duties could keep him busy.

he used to go even to a distant place to see the sick, loved scents and hated a stench or bad smell, sat with the poor and the destitute, ate with them, honored those possessing honor, advised them to do good and show kindness to relatives. he did not treat harshly to anybody and accepted excuses offered to him.

he accepted sports and pastimes as lawful, played with his wives and held races with them.... he did not hate the poor for their poverty nor fear the kings for their mighty power. he used to call the people, high or low towards allah. allah adorned him with all the qualities and good administration

at the time when the quran was being revealed to him, he used to smile most. when something happened, he entrusted it to allah, kept himself free from his own strength and ability and said in invocation: 'o allah, show me truth in a true manner or give me grace to give it up. you guide to the straight path whomsoever you will.'

allah revealed the quran to him and through it he taught him good manners." 151

for this we sent a messenger to you from among you to recite our signs to you and purify you and teach you the book and wisdom and teach you things you did not know before.
(surat al-baqara: 151)

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