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The grooming of the Prophet (saas)'s hair and beard

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the prophet (saas) attached the greatest importance to cleanliness, and therefore, to his hair and beard too. it is reported in some sources that he always carried with him a comb, mirror, miswak (a small natural toothbrush), tooth-pick, scissors and a kuhl bottle.88 the prophet (saas) advised his companions to do the same, and said: "he who has hair should honor it ."89 some other reports that have reached us of his hair and beard are:

hassan (ra) said:

"he had a thick, dense beard."90

anas bin malik (ra) reports:

"sayyidina rasulullah (saas) often rubbed oil in his head…"91

simak bin harb (ra) reports:

"jaabir bin samurah (ra) was asked a question regarding the white hair of rasulullah he replied: 'when rasulullah (saas) oiled his hair, it (white hair) did not show. when he did not oil it, it showed'."92

the prophet (saas) set an example for the believers with the importance he attached to his appearance and cleanliness. one account describes the prophet (saas)'s attitude to such matters:

"the prophet (saas) once intended to go to his companions and so he put on his turban and dressed his hairs…he said: 'yes, allah loves the actions of his servant who refines his body in order to meet his friends and brothers'."93

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