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The Prophet (saas)'s pleasing scent

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the prophet (saas) attached great importance to cleanliness. he always smelt very fresh, clean and pleasant, and recommended that muslims do the same. accounts that have reached us from his companions give further details of this aspect of the prophet (saas):

jaabir bin samura (ra) states:

"whenever the holy prophet tread on any path, when someone passed by later, that they could recognize that the prophet had passed by there because they could smell the fragrance of his body."125

from anas bin malik (ra):

"i never felt a silk cloth, nor pure silk, nor any other thing softer than the palm of rasulullah (saas). nor did i smell any musk or any other fragrance, more sweet smelling than the fragrance of rasullullah (saas)."126

anas bin malik (r.a) reports:

"i never smelt ambergris or musk as fragrant as the fragrance of the body of allah's messenger (saas) and i never touched brocade or silk and found it as soft as the body of allah's messenger (saas)."127

in qisas al-anbiya, the prophet (saas) was described in this way:

"his body was clean and his scent beautiful. whether or not he had used scent, his skin always had a lovely scent to it. if someone shook hands or conversed with him, or showed his friendship or affection, he would smell that clean scent all day, and if he laid that sacred hand on a child's head, that child could be distinguished from other children by that clean scent."128

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