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Muhammad the Messenger, the Man of Permissiveness

Auther : Sheikh Faraj Hadi
Under category : The Prophet’s Personality
32806 2007/11/08 2024/05/27


the evil propaganda and the false accusations, that don't have even the less degree of any scientific faithfulness, disfigured the reality of muhammad because it imagined him as a leader who opposes permissiveness and dialogue. muhammad (may allah's blessing be upon him) is the caller of permissiveness in all parts of life which is witnessed by all his behaviors. look at this example: some jews were praying for his death while they delude him that they were welcoming him. they were telling him (alsaam alaikom) which means "death be upon you" instead of (alsalam alaikom) which means "peace be upon you"…only the letter "l" differs!!!!

 although the prophet knew their bad intention, his forgiveness were very surprising for every equitable.


imagine yourself in this situation, what will be your reaction? then you will know the reaction of the prophet…


imagine yourself a leader or a ruler being obeyed hearing a man asking allah for your death with deceiving words that may be understood as good. may be you forgive him in his praying for your death but you can't forgive his deceit.


now dear reader; be just when you read the reaction made by prophet muhammad concerning this rousing scene and be a fair referee.


one day the prophet (pbuh) was sitting with his wife aisha when some jews passed by and pretended to say hi to him while they meant to insult him but his beloved wife understood their deceiving way of their words and replied with the same insulting words.


now the question is: did the prophet get satisfied with this action?


the answer is no, on the contrary he blamed his beloved wife and ordered her to be more lenient and gentle and never be violent or harsh.


aisha said: "the jews were greeting the prophet (allah's blessing may be upon him) saying (alsaam alikom) which means "death be upon you" so she replied: death and curse be upon you. but the prophet (allah's blessing may be upon him) said: wait aisha, allah loves the kindness in the whole situation".

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