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Muhammad the Messenger, the Man of Religion and Government

Auther : Sheikh Faraj Hadi
Under category : The Prophet’s Personality
26234 2007/11/08 2024/05/22

how many great persons and leaders tried to build up glories and establish a human message, but nobody along history could create a delicate and well thought-out system applying the needs of both body and soul.


but muhammad the prophet (pbuh) came with something new to the whole world mixing the spiritual part and the materialistic one in a great harmony never found before. so he built a government unable to survive without religion and a religion never accepts but such kind of government.


the prophet healed the soul's injuries caused by the materialistic life and filled the materialistic gap of needs because of being far from the soul needs.


so he was in deed the truthful spiritual teacher, the honest politician and the fair judge, that unified the wild tribes to civilized people and unified those people to a nation that built glory and made life under the belief of the almighty allah;"there is no god but allah and the prophet muhammad is his messenger".

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