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Muhammad the Messenger,the Man of Good Morals

Auther : Sheikh Faraj Hadi
Under category : The Prophet’s Personality
43119 2007/11/05 2024/06/14


the most remarkable thing in muhammad is his gentle and exalted manners with all people; his friends and his enemies. this is witnessed by all the just men.

he was a man of good reception, the smile never left his face, his words were sweet, he acted in a mannered way even towards those offending him, and ignored interfering in trivial things.

he taught his followers that the best of people is the best mannered.

he also taught his followers that the closest one to him in paradise is the one who has the best manners.

the good manners of muhammad the messenger were not towards his followers only but also towards his enemies; when the prophet were asked to curse upon his enemies he refused, saying:” i



m not sent by allah to curse but im the mercy sent to the whole world.(narrated by muslim).

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