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The Prophet’s Infallibility

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it could occur to the minds of some of us an important question that is:


does the prophet (pbuh) have- in allah’s infallibility for him -any advantages, putting into consideration that allah has given infallibility to all the prophets before him?


in other words, is there any advantage in the infallibility itself that has been given to him, not found in the other prophets before him?


yes, our prophet (pbuh) had advantages in allah’s infallibility for him, we all know that allah has given all the prophets human perfection in a way that suits their human selves, being allah’s prophets. allah gave them 4 kinds of perfections:

insight, infallibility, honesty and notification.

and in every one of those perfection sides, the prophet has been granted advantages, not found in the other prophets before him.

if we took infallibility for example, to prove such a statement:

our examples will be from the holy quran, the last heavenly book sent by allah to all humans, un-distorted. 


first example: the beauty of prophet joseph (peace be upon him):

allah has given prophet joseph, as mentioned in the holy quran and in a lot of the prophet’s sayings,½ of the world’s beauty. but his beauty seduced most of the women who saw him, allah said: " and women in the city said: "the wife of al-‘azîz is seeking to seduce her (slave) young man, indeed she loves him violently; verily we see her in plain error.” (joseph, 30)

and so it happened that these women, who blamed the wife of al aziz for her admiration for prophet joseph, became just like her in their admiration for him. allah said: " he said: "o my lord! prison is dearer to me than that to which they invite me”. (joseph, 33)

the expression “they invite me” shows that the wife of al aziz and the other women - who used to blame her for her admiration and love for joseph- are all involved in seducing joseph (pbuh).

joseph (pbuh) said - concerning his beauty, that was mentioned in some books and interpretations -: “no one had ever loved me without treating me unjustly." that means that he was given a beauty that was the reason behind the women's greed."

this we will compare with the beauty of prophet muhammad (pbuh).

if joseph (peace be upon him) has been given half of the world’s beauty, our prophet mohammed (pbuh) has been given by allah all the beauty; a rare kind of beauty. so, if joseph (pbuh) has been given half the beauty that caused women being seduced by it, why didn't muhammad's beauty cause the same to women???

that is one of the advantages of infallibility that allah has given to our prophet mohammed (pbuh); having the world's beauty, but not being seduced by any woman.


second example:

another example, we can find in the way how people used to worship other prophets. the jews, for example, had worshiped “uzair”, mentioned in the holy quran: "and the jews say: ‘uzair (ezra) is the son of allâh",and the same concerning christians in worshiping jesus (pbuh),mentioned in the holy quran: " and the christians say: messiah (jesus) is the son of allâh ". there were also some jews who had worshiped “maria” (mariam), the mother of jesus. this and many other examples, show how people used to worship prophets and well known people as it was the case in noah's time where some used to worship the five good people. so if all these good people, jesus and uzair were all worshiped, why it is not the case with muhammad (pbuh)?


allah (the almighty) has made him infallible from being worshiped by people today, in the past and till the end of this world, because he is the last prophet whose message of islam must be followed by the whole world.


 and if we revise the history of the prophet (pbuh) from his birth till now, (after about 1500 years from his prophethood), we won't find anyone who did or claimed to worship him (pbuh), and that is because of the greatest infallibilities that allah has given him.

and the strange thing is that some of the muslims the (shee'a) claim idolizing "ali ibn abi taleb (may allah be pleased with him)", the cousin of our prophet (pbuh).

that's because allah has not given ali infallibility as being  a companion and not a prophet, and that is why he has been idolized, while no one in the history has ever idolized our prophet muhammad (pbuh) because this is allah’s infallibility for him.


oh lord! we ask you to support us and make us love our prophet muhammad and follow his great example..




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