The Sunnah of Using Sewak

Using sewak (teeth cleaning stick)


There are several times in which a muslim may use sewak at day and night:


the prophet peace be upon him said: (were it not for avoiding inflicting difficulties on my nation, i would have ordered them to use sewak upon the performance of each prayer) narrated by al-bukhari & muslim.


The total times of using sewak by the muslim at the day and night is not less than (20) times. the muslim uses sewak

-Upon performing the five prayers, the regular sunnah prayers, ad-doha (morning) prayer, al-wetr prayer (i.e. ending prayer with odd raka'a prostration at night).


- Upon entering the house, because the first thing performed by the prophet peace be upon him when he enters his house is using the sewak, as narrated by aisha may allah be pleased with her in sahih muslim. so, every time you enter your house use sewka in order to apply the sunnah.


-Upon reading the holy quran, for changing the smell of the mouth.


- Upon waking up.


- Upon making ablution (wudhou'). the prophet peace be upon him said: (the sewak cleans the mouth and causes the pleasure of allah the almighty) narrated by ahmad.


the benefit of applying this sunnah:

a)Gaining the pleasure of allah the almighty.

b) Cleaning the mouth.



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