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Education by Gesture

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education by gesture

education by gestures is used in some situations such as when the child makes a mistake in front of some guests, in a big gathering or when he makes the mistake for the first time. at such situations, one angry look is enough or a gesture by the hand, because punishing the child in front of people might make him more stubborn as people are looking at him, or it might make some children shy so one sign to the child is enough to make him realize he made a mistake. this method should be applied with the sensitive polite child.

also, one of the methods of educating by gestures is when the parent says: “a child made such and such, which is a bad conduct, and if he makes it again he will be punished.” this indirect way of disciplining the child keeps the dignity of the erring child, and directs the attention of other members of the household who make the same error to stop doing it ([1]).


([1]) min asaleeb al-rasoul fil tarbiyah by naguib al-amer: page 30.

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