Ali migrates

Back in Makkah, Ali stayed on for three days after the Prophet left. During this period he settled all of the Prophet’s affairs in Makkah. He then left on foot and met the Prophet in Qubaa, where he stayed in the house of Kulthoom bin Hadam.

The Prophet’s family migrates

Six months after the Prophet had settled in Madinah, he sent Zayd bin Haritha and Abu Raf’i to Makkah. They came back with the Prophet’s family: Fatimah, Umm Kulthoom, Sauda, Umm Ayman, and Osama bin Zayd. Abdullah bin Abu Bakr also accompanied them along with the rest of Abu Bakr’s family, Umm Ruman, Aishah and Asmaa.

Suhayb migrates

The Prophet’s departure triggered off a new wave of migration to Madinah. The wealthy Suhayb (also known as Abu Yahya, i.e. the father of Yahya) who had long been planning to migrate, only to be held back by the vigilant Quraysh, finally managed to leave Makkah for Madinah. The Quraysh were obviously trying to stop the flight of capital from their society, and Suhayb struck a bargain with them. He would give them all his possessions and his wealth if they would let him join the Muslims in Madinah. When a now penniless Suhayb reached Madinah and told the Prophet how he had won his freedom, the Prophet said: “Abu Yahya! This bargain was crowned with success!”

Muslims in Makkah

Not all the Muslims were able to win their freedom and migrate. The Makkans rejoiced in the poorer Muslims’ increased vulnerability and tortured them even more to make them renounce their faith. Waleed bin Waleed, Ayash bin Abi Rabi’a and Hisham bin Aas were among this group of unfortunate Muslims. In Madinah, the Prophet would pray for them and supplicate against the unbelievers who had held them back. The Muslims remained patient, however, and were finally rescued by the brothers in faith and taken to Madinah.

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