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Muhammad the Prophet, the Man of Science and Civilization:

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again another unjust, quick verdict has been set upon the prophet that he is against science and civilization, but this in fact may be because of the status of the muslims now days that causes that verdict against muhammad (pbuh) and islam.


an honest researcher-if applying the ethics of the scientific research- can not but addict that muhammad had built for his followers the basics of science and the way of civilization that was the reason behind the strong nation that they've established and spread its science, civilization principles and ethics to the whole world; the world that witness what the islamic civilization in andalusia offered europe and humanity in their scientific revolution.


how couldn't he be a man of science and civilization while the first word he received from the almighty allah written in the holy quran was the order to "read"?


plus there is a chapter in the holy quran named (the pen) as being the first science tool and the first created by allah.


he is the man of an advanced civilization with fixed assets. no one except him (pbuh) was able to change an ignorant, violent and unmoral nation to a nation of ethics and leading the escort education and science.


muhammad was able to find an exit for his nation from the dark, being-behind, oppression and aggression to the light and promotion. he built the civilization basics that balance between the needs of the soul and that of the body which helped his followers to lead the world for decades when they hung on these basics.


but what is happening now days to his followers in being behind in science and civilization is because of what the american and european colonization left behind…. agents, in the islamic world, controlling the reins of events to obstacle any literary movement depending on the civilization basics of messenger muhammad.

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