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Muhammad the Messenger; the Man of Education

Auther : Sheikh Faraj Hadi
Under category : The Prophet’s Personality
29722 2007/11/08 2024/06/17

the fair researcher would be wondering by the amazing ability that mohammad the messenger owned, which made him capable of transferring a nation who don’t   know how to write and read into a nation which is proud of knowledge, and had scientists of very high levels in the state and society. and looking for the secret behind this success, the researcher will find out that the almighty allah gave muhammad the messenger great educational abilities, being an eloquent speaker, a convincing lecturer and a successful educator.


what helped him through this success is perhaps his proficiency in the conversational methods, having the attention, and stimulating the mind to the information. these are the essential effects in muhammad’s educational teachings.


notice this example when he asks his companions:"who is the insolvent?", then he waits for their answer even thought he knows that the answer will be wrong, but this is his intellectual conversation methods to stabilize the information. then, as expected, his students say a wrong answer, he listens to them till they finish, then he gives them the right answer. similar examples for this effective educational way are many in the teachings of muhammad the messenger.


muhammad’s instructions that obligate all people whether males or females to learn and reach a specific educational level, then to encourage who wants to learn more had an effective role in the substantial leap that muhammad created in the educational field.

some of his instructions and teachings concerning this field: "seeking knowledge is an obligation upon each muslim"; in muhammad’s speeches and in the revealed book-the holy quran- the word (muslim) includes both males and females.



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