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(Muhammad dealing with People in War (the Noble Warrior

Auther : Sheikh Faraj Hadi
Under category : The Prophet’s Personality
25943 2007/11/08 2024/07/16

1-    his nobility towards the enemy soldiers inside  the battle:


muhammad, having noble morals and applying the instructions of the holy quran, had never betrayed anyone even if it was his enemy. he never broke an agreement with any one until the second party is the one to break it .in his battles, whether he was the victorious or his enemy, he never torture the wounded and the captives of war, and he don’t mutilate the dead bodies, and he used to prohibit his soldiers and army staff from doing that whatever the case may be.

he and his companions gave humanity marvelous examples for noble morals during wars.


2-    his nobility towards women in battles :


take this wondrous example that captives the mind and shakes the feelings.

in one of the decisive battles that muhammad went through ,one of his military staff  –his cousin ali the son of taleb- saw a veiled enemy soldier moving between the corpse of the wounded and the dead of muhammad’s army and started to mutilate them in a horrible way, and he went as far as maiming the body of (hamza), muhammad's uncle. this scene terrified him and he determined to take revenge from this soldier by killing him,  immediately he  went to him like  a fast arrow ,but he was surprised (when he raised his sword to kill him) that this soldier is not but a woman disguised in  a man’s outfit.

notice the wondrous scene and the great principles of muhammad's soldiers; that during the moments he raised his sword to kill the offender, this leader balanced between revenge and high   principles that he absorbed from muhammad’s school, so he lowered his sword and repressed his anger and released this woman despite her ugly deeds and actions against his friends.


what kind of morals is this? and what kind of principles? what kind of greatness? what kind of women respect and mercy even if being an enemy?

this is the greatness of muhammad and his followers, and the greatness of islam that taught them this.


3-    his nobility towards the captives of war


despite the covenants of human rights and the international agreements yet the captive of war still moan under the burden and the violence of the psychological and physical torturing, and the flagrant violation of human rights.

however from more than fourteen centuries, muhammad the messenger legislated a great method and way for all the world of how to treat a war captive, which, if humanity had applied, will find a way out of the captives' crisis in this confused world. this crisis is still shocking the feelings of everyone owning a living conscience and noble morals. that is because muhammad had prevented the violation of human rights absolutely no matter what the justification was.

so it's not acceptable neither to torture the captive physically or psychologically nor to curse, swear or even keep food and drinks away from him. in the contrary, muhammad and his companions went to the point where they gave priority to the captives in their food and drinks.

this scene was described and praised by a quranic verse:" and they give food to the poor, the orphan and the captive, for love of allah ".

you judge now these great behaviors of muhammad and his companions towards the captives.


the captives nowadays need, in deed, to live in the world of muhammad to be treated the same way as muhammad did with his captives, with mercy and respecting their humanity that was taken by the means of the weapons of mass destruction and dirty wars under unlawful names.


as a conclusion we have to say, that muhammad has to be proud of his ideal city that is more developed than the cities of the whole world in this age. he is in deed the pioneer in all fields of live practically not only in terms of commercials and banners. find just one case, if you can, in which muhammad or his followers tortured their captives physically or psychologically…….

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