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Muhammad under the Care of Abdul Muttalib

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The Prophet didn’t stay long in Bani Saad after the incident of opening his chest; he went back to his mother Aamina to live under her tender and love. She tried to be the father and mother to him and to give him more love to fill his father’s absence.

One day while she was thinking of her husband, Aamina wanted to visit his grave with her son Muhammad. She travelled to Al-Madina Al-Munawra and  stayed in the house of Al Nabigha; the uncles of the Prophet’s  grandfather –Bani An Najjar- for one month.

When the Jews saw the Prophet (PBUH) they knew that he is the Prophet of this nation. They said, “That is the Prophet of this nation and Yathrib (al Madina Al Munawara) is the place he will emigrate to.”

Aamina was worried about him. So she took him and went back to Makkah, accompanied with Om Aiman who told her what the Jews were saying about her son.

 On their way to Makkah, Aamina became ill, and died. She was buried in a place called Al-Abwaa. Om Aiman took Muhammad (PBUH) to Makkah to the live under the care of his grandfather Abdul Muttalib.    





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