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The Story of “The Well of Zamzam”

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The Story of “The Well of Zamzam”

Years passed and Salma Bint Amr gave birth to Abdul Muttalib Bin Hashim (Muhammad’s grandfather). Abdul Muttalib grew up, and lived in Makkah (his father’s city).

Abdul Muttalib was giving water to the pilgrims when they were coming to Makkah, serving Allah’s holy place.  His people supported him and made him their leader. Abdul Muttalib loved Allah’s holy place, and knew about the Well of Zamzam that was in Makkah at the time of Prophet Ibrahim -peace be upon him. He wished he could find it and dig it again.

One night Abdul Muttalib saw in his dream someone calling him saying: dig the Well of Zamzam. This dream was repeated more than one time, and he saw the place of the Well of Zamzam as well. He told his people about his dream but they didn’t believe him.

At that time Abdul Muttalib had only one son, his name was Harith, he asked him to help him digging “the Well of Zamzam”, and so they did.

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