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Haleema’s love to Muhammad (PBUH)

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Haleema went to Muhammad’s mother (PBUH) asking her to leave Muhammad with her till he becomes bigger. Amina asked: “Why do you want Muhammad to stay with you Haleema?” She said: “My lady, I loved Muhammad very much, since I took him from you our life became full of blessings.” Amina said: “My son will be a great man, take care of him Haleema.” She said: “Don’t be scared my lady, I will.”

Haleema Al Sa’dia went back with Muhammad (PBUH) full of joy, thinking of the blessings that will stay with them years and years.

When Muhammad (PBUH) became bigger, he was going out looking after the sheep for Haleema Al Sa’dia. When Muhammad (PBUH in that place) went some to the pastures with his siblings (Haleema’s children) they found the place full of grass for the sheep to eat.

The women of Haleema’s tripe were telling their children to take their sheep where Muhammad (PBUH) is, because of the blessings they see where ever he goes.


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