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The Story of the Marriage of Abdullah

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The Story of the Marriage of Abdullah


Abdullah the son of Abdul Muttalib grew up, he was the best young man amongst his fellows in Quraish, the most generous and of good morals and the most handsome.


Abdul Muttalib saw that his son was growing up, so he thought of getting him to marry at an early age, because adultery was famous at that time among the Arabs, but abdul Muttalib was raising up his children with good manners. Abdul Muttalib told Abdullah to marry Aamina bint Wahab; one of the best women in Bani Zahra. So Abdullah married Aamina.

 The people of  Makkah were happy with that marriage;  a noble man married a noble lady. Abdullah lived with Aamina some months, and then he asked her to go on a trading trip , but Abdullah died on his way to Madina. Aminah was pregnant with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), when the caravans came back from the trip. Aamina was waiting for her husband, but he didn’t come back. She was very sad, and his father Abdul Muttalib was very sad.

They all were waiting for the birth of his son.


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