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Opening Muhammad’s Chest

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4343 2013/02/18 2024/05/19
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One day, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went with Haleema Al-Sa’dia’s son to take care of the sheep. Suddenly two men appeared and laid down Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and opened his chest. Haleema’s son was watching them. He ran to Haleema to tell her what he saw. Haleema ran to see Muhammad (PBUH) and was amazed that he was ok. But his face was a bit yellow. Haleema asked him what happened, and he told her.  She hugged him, and was worried about him. She went with him to Amina and told her what happened. Amina told her not to worry. After that, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went back to Haleema’s house in Bani Saad.  






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