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The Story of Hashem’s Marriage

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The Story of Hashem’s Marriage 


 When hunger & poverty spread in Makka, Amr Bin Manaf (Hashem-Prophet Muhammad’s
grandfather) thought of something to help his family and tribe.


He travelled to Ash Sham in summer and to Yemen in winter to trade and buy food for the people in Makka. He was the first in Makka who taught his people trading in winter and summer to those two places (Ash Sham & Yemen). This was mentiond in Surah Quraish in the Holy Quran.

Once, in his trip to Ash Aham, Hashem passed by Yathrib (known as Madina now a days) and married Salma Bint Amr- one of the noble ladies of Bani An Najjar. Hashem left his wife to give birth to his first child -Abdul Muttalib- in Yathrib as her family wished to.




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