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The Blessings of the Prophet PBUH

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2397 2013/02/18 2024/05/26
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Haleema said, “Not a single woman was left without a child, so I hated going back without taking one. I told my husband that I’m going back and take the orphan. And so I did, and went back to my husband.” He said, “you took him then!” I said, “Yes”. Then he added, “I hope he will bring with him blessings over us”.  “I took him and was happy.”

He started suckling, and was full with what milk Haleema  got. That was the first signs of his blessings.

When it was time to leave, Haleema said goodbye to Aamina bint Wahab-Muhammad’s mother- and took her she-donkey to make her way back home. The she donkey was fast as never before, even the other women travelling back noticed that and asked Haleema, “isn’t this your weak donkey.” She answered, “Yes, but it is the blessings of the new child.” And this was a second sign of the Prophet’s blessings.

When Haleema’s husband tried to get some milk from their weak goat, he was surprised how much milk she got, which was another sign of the child’s blessings.

The Prophet stayed two years in the tribe of Bani Saad.


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