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The Story of the Prophet’s Suckling

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The Story of the Prophet’s Suckling



 The habit of the Arabs was to send their children to the desert in the age of suckling, because of the desert’s clean air, and to learn the Standard Arabic.

A group of woman from the tribe of Bani Saad went to Makkah, joined by Haleema and her husband, to get some babies for them to wet nurse. Haleema and her husband had a she-donkey and a she-camel, and they were at the end of the group because they were very weak. It was a waterless year, and they didn’t have enough food and water.

When the women arrived to Makkah, they all searched for babies belonging to rich families, and because Haleema was the last to arrive she didn’t find a rich family. She got Muhammad and they were happy to have him.

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