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The Story of Sacrificing Abdullah (the Prophet’s Father)

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The Story of Sacrificing Abdullah (the Prophet's Father)






Do you know that Abdullah, the father of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was nearly to be sacrificed?

Years passed since Abdul Muttalib's wish came true. Now he had ten children, and he felt the blessings of Allah. He was so happy, that his children will help him and they will help each other; because in the ignorant period power was dominating; the strong always come over the weak.

Abdul Muttalib became very sad,when he remembered his promise to sacrifice one of his children, if Allah grants him with ten.

  Abdul Muttalib did not know who he should sacrifice from his children. He left it to Allah. He decided to do a lottery amongst his children. It was a surprise, the arrow chose  Abdullah; the youngest & most beloved of his children. He decided to choose an arrow (an old way of lottery) again, but every time, the arrow chose  Abdullah.

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