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The First Blessings of the Prophet PBUH

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2286 2013/02/17 2024/05/20
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Although she knew he is an orphan, Haleema’s heart got  attached to the new born, so she took him and asked Allah for his blessings. She told her husband, “I will take Muhammad bin Abdullah, wishing to gain blessings from him.” Her husband replied, “ yes Hameema, take him, I’m sure that Allah will grant us his blessing and give us what we need for the sake of this child.”

Haleema took the child and was very happy, and as soon as  she gave him to suckle, she got a lot of milk that made the Prophet full, and her own son as well.

That was the Prophet’s first blessings over Haleema and her family. Haleema looked at her husband as he did thanking Allah of what they have seen from those blessings.

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